Our Services

Debt Crisis Solutions is committed to providing at no cost to you an initial FREE and independent analysis of your particular financial circumstances.

We will first compile a list of all your debts, assets and income, before completing a detailed analysis and come up with solutions best suited to your personal circumstances.

The solutions vary from basic budgeting advice to:


Free Debt Analysis

Free Initial Advice – Best Advice!

Yes, that is right, everyone at some time experiences financial problems.

You are not alone.

Debt Crisis Solutions has a simple goal to help you to find the best solution to your financial situation. We understand the stress and embarrassment you can sometimes experience. You are not alone, as we are hearing and dealing with clients’ financial problems every day and have been for many years.

The people you will be talking to at Debt Crisis Solutions really understand what you are going through and will provide independent initial free advice on the range of solutions available.

Your first consultation is FREE and without obligation.


Debt Restructuring

Debt restructuring is when you change the terms or method of paying your debts. This can be done by re-negotiating the repayment arrangement or re-structuring your borrowings.

Debt Crisis Solutions regularly deals with lenders and in many instances are able to negotiate the restructure of existing borrowings.


Consolidation Loans

The consolidation of all your debts into one loan with a single easy monthly payment can provide the answer in some instances to a drowning in debt problem, subject to your debt level and income.

If a loan consolidation proves to be the best solution, it must be undertaken in conjunction with an ongoing budget program in order to fully benefit from the exercise.

Debt Crisis Solutions researches the financial market along with its professional partners to come up with loan options that best suit your situation.

Debt Crisis Solutions have access to a number of financers who may be of assistance in this regard.


Creditor / Summons Negotiations

Don’t wait for the Bailiff to visit or Debt Collector to call!

You can authorise a mediator to proactively negotiate a solution on your behalf with your creditors before assets are seized from your possession or your credit rating is damaged.

A Debt Crisis Solutions mediator will talk to your creditors (including Banks, Credit Unions, Finance Companies, Store Accounts or Business/Trade suppliers).

Revised arrangements can often be negotiated based on what you can afford and without the need for further legal and recovery costs being incurred.


Credit / Debt Management (Budgeting)

Budgeting is the ongoing process of controlling your income, expenses and credit. You are not alone, many people find it impossible to budget.

A budget can assist you:


Debt Agreements

Formal Arrangement (Part IX under the Bankruptcy Act 1966)

This is a legal and binding way of coming to a collective agreement with your creditors.

A Debt Agreement puts all of your unsecured debts into one interest free payment arrangement.

Legal action is frozen and it may be possible to negotiate a lesser amount as full and final settlement of these debts.

Debt Crisis Solutions can assist you formulate your Debt Agreement proposal and administer it once it is accepted by your creditors.

Limits apply on your total liabilities, assets and income in order to be eligible to propose a Debt Agreement.


Personal Insolvency Agreements

Formal Arrangement (Part X under the Bankruptcy Act 1966)

A Personal Insolvency Agreement is also a further legal and binding way of coming to an agreement with your creditors.

This formal arrangement begins when you authorise a Controlling Trustee or an eligible solicitor by signing an Authority to call a meeting of your creditors to consider an arrangement for dealing with your debts.

Debt Crisis Solutions can assist you formulate your Personal Insolvency Agreement proposal, facilitate the meeting of your creditors and administer the Agreement once it is accepted by your creditors

No limits apply on your total liabilities, assets and income in order to be eligible to propose a Personal Insolvency Agreement.


Bankruptcy Solutions

Bankruptcy is a process where people who cannot pay their debts or come to a satisfactory arrangement with their creditors apply for protection under the Bankruptcy Act 1966.

Debt Crisis Solutions can explain the consequences of and administer your bankruptcy.


BAS / Taxation Overdue

Don’t be caught with unpaid or unmanageable BAS or taxation liabilities.

The Australian Taxation Office is taking a tough stance with individuals and small business that elect not to pay or proactively deal with their taxation liabilities.

Debt Crisis Solution can explain the consequences of failing to deal with taxation demands and can also outline the solutions available.